Quality assurance

With our extensive and professional quality assurance, we ensure that customers of SABRO A/S always receive quality safe products on time.

Quality assurance od SABRO A/S is performed based on a quality assurance system, prepared in accordance with the requirements of DS/EN 9001:2000.
The quality of our cast iron is documented in our own Laboratory, where experienced and certificated employees is performing the following tests ans analysis:
- Spectrophotometer analysis
- Structural analysis
- Tensile test
- Impact-transition
- Hardness test

We have trained personnal in visual inspection to ensure, that the quality of the castings meet our own high standards, amd the customers demands.

It is possible to have made the following futher quality analysis:
- Ultrasonic velocity testing
- Magnetic crack detection
- Heat treatment

Naturally we provide all the necessary documentations of the studies, analysis and treatmentsthat we make in our quality control.