SABRO A/S has a long history behind us, where the foundry is the continuos compentence and where the manufacture and supply of castings in high quality, has olways been the mail objective. SABRO A/S briefly evolved as follows. The foundry was founded in1947 in Aarhus, as Jernstøberiet Dania.

The foundry was founded to ensure supplies of quality castings to the parent Company SABROE.

1970 - The foundry was split in machine moulding DANIA (AArs) and hand moulding SABROE Støberiet.

1992 - SABROE Støberiet moved from Helsinforsgade in Aarhus to Hornslet, in new environmentally approved productions facillities of 8.000 m2.
SABROE Støberiet establiched to handle 2.500 tons of casting yearly.

1999 - SABROE Støberiet was taken over by YORK International, and then renamed YORK Foundry.

2004 - YORK Foundry is devested from YORK International, and changes its name to SABRO A/S.

SABRO A/S also known as SABRO Fondry, is today one of the largest manufacturers of hand moulded castings. We supply castings approvals from a variety of international classification companies.